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Physical Therapist Tortugas

What is a Physical Therapist?


Experience pain relief and improve your range of motion by scheduling an appointment with a physical therapist in Tortugas from Back In Action Therapy. Our physical therapists are healthcare specialists that focus on the restoration of function, strength and mobility in the human body. We offer treatments that are designed to help with the restoration of functional movements such as standing and walking. We also provide treatments aimed at dealing with specific problems such as conditions that cause pain or result in the loss of range of motion. Our patients include everyone from athletes that have suffered injuries or want to improve their performance and prevent injuries to the elderly dealing with chronic pain and loss of function as a result of natural deterioration or illnesses.

Contact our clinic to schedule an appointment with a skilled and experienced doctor of physical therapy that Tortugas residents trust for the best care.

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?


If you’re looking to restore function, movement and strength in your body, you could benefit from routine physical therapy sessions in Tortugas. Our healthcare professionals are skilled and experienced. We offer a wide range of treatment options designed to help improve strength, flexibility and mobility. Our therapists work with patients afflicted by acute and chronic injuries, illnesses and other impairments. Our treatments will help eliminate or manage pain and restore function.

Sports Injury
Sport Exercise

How can Physical Therapy Services Help Improve Your Quality of Life?


Regular sessions with a physical therapist in Tortugas can help to improve your life in many ways. Our physical therapists work with patients of different ages and abilities to help them achieve their specific goals. With the help of our physical therapists you can improve mobility, get relief from pain and recover from injuries. Our treatments can be applied to manage a wide variety of health conditions including high blood pressure and diabetes.

What Happens in a Therapy Session?

Physical therapy sessions at Back in Action Therapy are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the patient. Each session begins with the therapist asking various questions to establish your current condition and your goals. Your first session will also include a comprehensive physical examination. The information gathered informs the activities of the subsequent physical therapy session.

We Also Provide the Following Services:


Physical therapy services: Sports medicine, Workers’ comp, Hand therapy, Orthopedic, Neurological, Cardiovascular and pulmonary, Geriatric.

Specialized services: McKenzie method, Dry needling, Manual therapy, Pediatric therapy, Vestibular therapy.

Balance Exercise

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?


Scheduling an appointment for consultation with a doctor of physical therapy in Tortugas is easy. Simply call or text us and a member of our team will contact you to guide you through scheduling of your appointment.

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About Tortugas, NM


Tortugas, also known as Tortugas Pueblo, is a community located in Dona Ana County in New Mexico. It is located just outside of the more popular Las Cruces. The community is nestled within the beautiful Mesilla Valley. It lies alongside Interstate 10.

Tortugas is a small community that is well known for holding on to its Native American culture. Many of the traditions and customs practiced by Native Americans that settled in the area hundreds of years ago are still practiced today. The lands in the area were patented to the Dona Ana Bend Colony. A non-profit was established with the aim of handling business affairs on behalf of the tribe.

If you’re seeking expert physical therapy services in Tortugas , contact Back in Action Therapy. We’ll help you live your best life.

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