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Physical Therapist Fairacres


There is a misconception that physical therapy is only designed for those that are sick or injured. While physical therapy primarily focuses on helping to manage pain and increase range of motion, it is actually a broad branch of the health sciences with many applications. In fact, physical therapy can be applied to improve your general well-being. You can learn more about physical therapy and its many benefits for your health by making an appointment for a session with a physical therapist Fairacres from Back in Action Therapy. We’re committed to providing patients with the best care to help them achieve great results.

What is a Physical Therapist?


Physical therapy is a non-invasive method of treatment that is primarily used to address injuries, disabilities and illnesses. Physical therapists are trained and licensed healthcare professionals. A doctor of physical therapy Fairacres from Back in Action therapy can diagnose and treat a wide range of disabilities, injuries and health conditions. Our physical therapists work to help improve our patients’ range of movement and boost healing. We are committed to helping our patients achieve a better quality of life.โ€‹

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What Does a Physical Therapist Do?


Many people only schedule a session with a physical therapist when they are ill or in pain. However, physical therapy can be beneficial in improving your well-being. Our physical therapists work in close association with doctors and patients. We are often part of a multidisciplinary approach to help treat physical ailments. We also provide treatments as an isolated treatment program.


A physical therapy Fairacres session with us will often involve a thorough physical exam. Our therapists will evaluate your movement, flexibility, performance, joint motion and other motor functions. We will also examine your medical history and give you a clinical diagnosis and a plan for care. Our physical therapists are committed to helping our patients achieve the best results. We design care plans with both your short and long term goals in mind. Our care plans are designed to meet each and every patients’ specific requirements.


In our experience, patients achieve better results when they are educated about their conditions and the course of action we are applying to help them. Our therapy sessions therefore include a great deal of education for patients. A physical therapist Fairacres from our firm will take the time to educate you  about what your condition is, how it affects you, your prognosis as well as our recommendations for self-management including exercises while at home.

Can a Physical Therapist Provide Me with a Diagnosis?


Physical therapy is often part of a multidisciplinary approach to treating a patient’s ailments. However, it can also be applied as a standalone treatment. In fact, a doctor of physical therapy Fairacres can provide you with a diagnosis for a health condition that affects you. Physical therapists are health care experts that can diagnose and treat disabilities, injuries and a wide range of health conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system. Our physical therapists provide treatment plans that are aimed to help you improve your health.โ€‹

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How Do I Schedule an Appointment?


If you’re interested in scheduling a physical therapy Fairacres session with a physical therapist from Back in Action therapy, you can do so by simply getting in touch with us. However, some insurance companies require that you have a referral from your general practitioner. You would therefore need to visit your doctor and get a referral. This will ensure that your health insurance will cover the cost of your treatment. If your insurance company does not have such a policy, you can go ahead and schedule an appointment by getting in touch with us. Call us today to begin your journey to a better well being. 

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About Fairacres, NM

Fairacres is a census-designated place that is located in Dona Ana County in New Mexico. It is a suburb of Las Cruces and had a small population of slightly over 1,200 as at the 2020 census. The suburb is well known for its rural suburban mix and has a large population of young professionals. Many young people relocate to the area to take advantage of job opportunities available in Las Cruces and other major cities and towns in the region. Families relocate to take advantage of the above average public schools in the area.


If you’re searching for a doctor of physical therapy, Fairacres residents trust for the best care, contact Back in Action Therapy. Schedule a physical therapy consultation in Fairacres with us and learn how we can help.


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