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Physical Therapist Dona Ana

What is a Physical Therapist?

Are you experiencing physical pain? Is your pain as a result of an injury or an illness? Do you feel stiff? You could benefit from some sessions with a physical therapist Dona Ana residents trust for the best services. Physical therapy is a type of medical treatment that is designed to restore function, strength and mobility. Physical therapy can help to restore functional movements such as standing and walking. It can also be used to treat specific health conditions or injuries that are causing pain, limiting mobility or dysfunctions in movement. At Back in Action Therapy you’ll have the opportunity to consult and work with a skilled and qualified doctor of physical therapy in Dona Ana, who will tailor your treatment to help you achieve your goals.

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?


A doctor of physical therapy in Dona Ana is a healthcare professional who is committed to help patients recover strength, function and movement. Our physical therapists work with patients that are recovering from chronic or acute injuries, developmental disorders, illnesses and other impairments. With the help of our physical therapists, you can manage or completely eliminate pain. You will also improve your balance and strength, preventing further injuries from occurring.

Sports Injury
Sport Exercise

How Can Physical Therapy Services Help Improve Your Quality of Life?


Our physical therapy services in Dona Ana are beneficial to people of all ages and of all ability levels. We work to help improve the overall health and wellbeing of our patients. We will help you reduce or eliminate pain, improve your mobility, avoid surgery, recover from injury or illness and manage various health conditions including diabetes and cardiovascular conditions.

What Happens in a Therapy Session?

Our physical therapists are skilled and qualified healthcare professionals. They are able to diagnose and treat various physical ailments. Your physical therapy session will involve a thorough physical evaluation. This will include taking your medical history, conducting a physical examination and carrying out various diagnostic tests. Your physical therapist will use this information to diagnose your condition and develop a treatment plan to help you recover and achieve your goals.


Your session will also include exercises and movements such as stretching, improving joint mobilization and strengthening. Other therapies may include soft tissue massage, breathing exercises and cardiovascular exercises.

We Also Provide the Following Services:


Physical therapy services: Sports medicine, Workers’ comp, Hand therapy, Orthopedic, Neurological, Cardiovascular and pulmonary, Geriatric.

Specialized services: McKenzie method, Dry needling, Manual therapy, Pediatric therapy, Vestibular therapy.

Balance Exercise

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?


To schedule a session with a physical therapist in Dona Ana at Back in Action Therapy, you can call or text. A member of our staff will be available to help you schedule an appointment. We will gather your contact and insurance information to determine whether you are eligible for insurance benefits for physical therapy services.

Our clinics are open from 7am to 6pm daily. Whether you have  work, school or have a busy day full of tasks, we will be sure to work with you and your schedule to get an appointment . Contact us today to schedule your session with a skilled and experienced physical therapist.

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Living in Dona Ana

Dona Ana is a suburb of Las Cruces. It is a census designated place (CDP) that is located in Dona Ana County, New Mexico. The city had a population of little over 1200 in the 2010 census. It was named for Dona Ana Robledo who died in the area while fleeing during the Pueblo Revolt in 1980.

Dona Ana is a culturally diverse suburb that offers residents a mix of suburban and rural living. The cost of living in the city is affordable with many of the residents owning their homes. Many young professionals migrate to the area to take advantage of the employment opportunities in the region. Young families relocate to the area to experience living in a small and relatively safe community with access to top rated public schools.

If you’re in need of physical therapy in Dona Ana, get in touch with us, Back in Action Therapy. Schedule an appointment with a physical therapist from our clinic and get started on your journey to recovery and achieving your best physical condition.

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