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Manual Therapy

What is Manual Therapy?


Manual therapy Las Cruces can include many different treatment techniques that are frequently used in our physical therapy clinics. Manual therapy interventions can include techniques such as soft tissue massage, passive stretching, joint mobilization, traction, spinal joint mobilization/manipulation, edema massage, and much more. At Back in Action therapy we can help you improve your overall health and quality of life. Contact us today to learn more.

How Can Manual Therapy Help?

Manual therapy Las Cruces can help decrease pain, decrease swelling, improve range of motion, improve blood flow, improve spinal mobility, and much more. Our manual physical therapists in Las Cruces and Alamogordo are extremely skilled in determining what particular interventions you will need based on your injury or pain.

Benefits of Manual Therapy


The main goal of manual therapy is to improve your healing process.  Here is a list of several manual therapy interventions, and how they can potentially help you. 

  • Soft Tissue Massage

Soft tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that is intended to relieve pain and tension in the soft tissues of the body. It is a popular choice for those who have chronic pain or muscle tension. Soft tissue massage can also improve circulation, flexibility, and range of motion.

  • Passive Range of Motion

Passive range of motion is a type of stretching in which the therapist moves the limb through a range of motion without resistance from the patient. This is often used as a warm-up before more active forms of stretching.

  • Joint Mobilization

Joint mobilization is a type of manual therapy that aims to increase the range of motion in a joint. It is often used to treat conditions such as arthritis or frozen shoulder.

  • Traction

Traction is a type of therapy that involves pulling on the spine or limbs to reduce pain and increase mobility. It is often used to treat conditions such as herniated discs or sciatica.

  • Edema Massage

Edema massage is a type of massage that helps to reduce swelling by draining excess fluid from the tissues. It is often used to treat conditions such as lymphedema or swelling after an acute joint sprain. 

  • Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is a type of massage that targets areas of muscle tension that are believed to be the cause of pain in other parts of the body. It is often used to treat conditions such as headaches or low back pain.

Physical Therapy Session

How Much Will Manual Therapy Cost?


Each session cost will vary based on your health insurance policy. If you are interested in learning about your physical therapy benefits, give one of our manual therapy clinics in Las Cruces or Alamogordo a call, and our front desk coordinators will give you information about your benefits.

What Happens in a Manual Therapy Session?


Each manual therapy session in Las Cruces or Alamogordo will vary based on your particular needs. During your initial evaluation, your physical therapist will perform an assessment to determine what interventions will work best for your rehab. Your therapist will explain to you during your sessions why they are choosing each intervention, and the benefits they expect from each manual therapy technique. 

How Long is Each Visit?


Each physical therapy session may vary slightly in length. However, it is typically best to plan for each session to last about one hour. 

If you are in need of manual physical therapy in Las Cruces or Alamogordo, reach out now to get more details. We would love to help you get out of pain! Call today to schedule your appointment and we will get you scheduled with the best manual physical therapy Las Cruces or Alamogordo has to offer!

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