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We're Bringing a Fall Prevention Program to Las Cruces!!

Dear Community Members,

We are thrilled to introduce an impactful new initiative at Back in Action Therapy, which we believe will significantly improve the lives of many people in our Las Cruces community and Dona Ana County. Our new Fall Prevention Program aims to tackle one of the primary health risks faced by people as they age - the danger of falling and sustaining potentially severe injuries.

We recognize the gravity of this issue, especially given the growing senior population in our community. In response, we have developed an evidence-based, comprehensive program under the skilled leadership of Mike Kolikant, our Lead Therapist for the Fall Prevention Program. Mike brings valuable experience and an unwavering commitment to empowering individuals to live safer, healthier lives.

Falls can have devastating consequences, leading to a decrease in mobility and independence, an increase in health complications, and even a higher risk of mortality. However, the good news is that most falls can be prevented, and it is here that our program steps in.

Our Fall Prevention Program seeks to educate and train people to enhance their balance, strength, and overall mobility, significantly reducing their risk of falls. We will be offering personalized assessments, custom-tailored exercise routines, educational sessions, and continuous follow-ups to ensure the best possible outcomes for each participant. Our primary aim is not just to prevent falls but to instill confidence in our community members, allowing them to lead active, fulfilling lives without the fear of falling.

To provide you with ongoing support and resources, we'll be actively posting a variety of content including blogs, videos, tutorials, and more to our social media accounts and website. These resources will not only complement our program but will also provide valuable information for everyone looking to improve their stability, strength, and mobility.

The commitment of Back in Action Therapy to the health and well-being of our community has never been stronger. We invite you to join us on this mission, to learn more about the Fall Prevention Program, and to help us spread the word to those you feel could benefit from this service.

If you, or somebody you know, could benefit from a structured Fall Prevention Program don’t hesitate to call one of our Las Cruces clinics and request a fall prevention evaluation!

Let's work together to keep our community safe, active, and "Back in Action!"


The Team at Back in Action Therapy

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